Declaration of the SLVYRA mandate.

To promote and coordinate sailboat racing in the St. Lawrence Valley and adjacent regions by:

  • Publishing a comprehensive annual racing schedule.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date handicap list.
  • Providing and maintaining racing marks
  • Providing an area chart showing the locations of all racing marks, maintained by SLVYRA and SLVYRA member clubs.


To promote sailboat racing by:

  • Organizing regional regattas and other special events, such as lectures, seminars and workshops about sailing.


To promote the racing future of junior sailors by:

  • Supporting outstanding young graduates of local junior squadron courses who aspire to race at provincial, national or international levels.


To maintain a Web site that serves as a central point of reference for sailors of all yacht clubs in the area, providing, among other things:

  • An up to date schedule of racing and social events
  • Racing charts of the sailing areas
  • Reports on major events (including photos and links to results)
  • A page for classified ads.
  • Links to all local yacht clubs.
  • Links to relevant class associations
  • Links to pertinent marine suppliers.
  • Links to the FVQ and CYA.